Dog’s Reaction When his Owner Gives him a Sour Candy for the First Time

The dog appears to retreat as though traumatized. He can be seen looking at his owner over and again.

Photo: YouTube/MrJdm365
A funny video of a dog trying a sour candy sent everybody into fits of laughter.

A man decided to let his beloved dog taste a sour warhead. Watching the dog's reaction, one can assume it was his first time to taste such treats.

In the clip, the pooch can be seen shivering as the sourness of the candy overpowers his taste buds. His owner can't help but laugh at the sight of the poor animal trembling at the candy's sourness.

Without a doubt, it is an entertaining scene to watch, with the clip being viewed over three million times since it was uploaded on YouTube.

The dog appears to retreat as though traumatized. He can be seen looking at his owner over and again.

In a related story, a man was reunited with his dog, whom he believed had already passed away.

A military man, named Ben Harworth, trusted his dog, Zeus, to a companion in North Carolina after he was allocated in South Korea in 2012.

After two months, his friend revealed to him that the dog perished, leaving him in sorrow. At the point when his assignment in South Korea ended, Harworth and his family chose to move to Washington State.

They would not like to come back to North Carolina as Zeus was no longer there, and their recollections with him in the place will cause them torment.

However, Zeus, it turned out, was still alive. A woman named Laura in North Carolina had rescued the dog. Laura promptly contacted Harworth.

At first, he didn't believe her since he knew that his dog died three years prior. In any case, when he confirmed that Zeus was still alive, he was thrilled.

Laura arranged for the transport of the dog 3,000 miles to Washington State. Harworth's family welcomed the dog, complete with banners at the airport.

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