Gynecologist Advises Women not to use 'Vagina Cleaning Brush'

"Your vagina does it all naturally. Even a douche would do better and gentler than a brush and they're not recommended!"

Photo: Twitter/@DrJenGunter
Dr. Jennifer Gunter advised women not to use a vaginal cleaning brush to clean inside the vagina to clear away period blood.

On July 17, Dr. Gunter took to Twitter to denounce the vaginal cleaning product called Blossom Brush, which was promoted to Instagram.

The product looks like a cross between a toothbrush and a tongue scraper. It has a line of tiny bristles probably intended to be stuck inside a woman's vulva. 

The ad for the product states that it is "designed for a woman to use daily throughout her menstrual cycle and up to three days after to remove residual blood and debris."

"As you can see here," the brand's post added, "the Blossom Brush does not have actual bristles but grooves that glide along the wall of the vagina removing residual blood and debris. The Blossom Brush when added to your menstrual routine can help a woman feel more fresh and make her period more manageable."

However, Dr. Gunter cautioned women that it is pointless and dangerous. Along with the photo of the product, she wrote: "Every day it seems as if someone comes up with a new and thoroughly unnecessary, yet harmful vaginal cleaning product marketed as empowerment."
Her post immediately went viral. It amassed more than six thousand retweets and comments as of writing. Many women also expressed their opinion about the product.

"Honey just... no. Take it from someone who has battled chronic thrush, you don't want to stick anything up there that can harm or increase risk of infection," one person wrote. "Your vagina does it all naturally. Even a douche would do better and gentler than a brush and they're not recommended!"

"Okay... let's pretend an actual menstruator was thinking about brushing the debris from their hooha," added another. "Why would it be the size of a drinking straw so they would have to swirl it around in there like they're stirring paint and not dildo-sized which would be convenient and fun?"

Someone else commented, "But... the Vagina is a self cleaning organ... so this is pointless and ridiculous. How many women in abusive/ controlling relationships will end up abused further by their abusers demanding they get clean from products sold/ advertised like this?"

Meanwhile, the account of the owner of Blossom Brush can no longer be found on Instagram.

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