Pandemic Girl, Kween Yasmin and DoReMi Help People Get through the COVID-19 Crisis

Sure, there are many singers far more talented than these three, but their courage to share their music for good vibes despite the possibility of getting ridiculed make them just as special.

Photo: Facebook/Pandemic Girl/Kween Yasmin/DoReMi
It is true - music is a form of therapy. When sadness hits, many of us turn to music. During happy times, music offers a way to lift the spirits even higher.

With everyone struggling to cope with today's pandemic, songs offer a soothing refuge, a momentary escape. Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube have surely racked up more streams in the past few months than ever before.

Facebook, the world's most popular social media platform, also now provides people the opportunity to share their music to a wider audience. And it is on this platform that Pandemic Girl, Kween Yasmin and DoReMi have emerged, out of nowhere, to entertain people in the middle of a pandemic.

At a time when many of us struggle physically, financially and emotionally, these three aspiring singers are bringing smiles to faces, if not fits of uncontrollable laughter.

These three are bringing joy to people – although not exactly in the same way as Celine Dion or Lady Gaga or Harry Styles do.

With more than 83,000 (and counting) followers on Facebook, Pandemic Girl has become a music star in her own right. On YouTube, her growing number of subscribers now stand at more than 4,000.

She has covered various international hits such as Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" and Evanescence's "Bring Me Back to Life." Her voice quality leaves much to be desired, but the fun she brings more than compensates for what she lacks in talent.

Kween Yasmin also shot to social media stardom with her confident rendition of familiar tunes. She has a far larger following than Pandemic Girl at the moment. On Facebook, more than 200,000 people are staying tune for her new music. On YouTube, her subscribers are nearing 80,000 in number.

Her cover of Idina Menzel's soaring "Into the Unknown" has now amassed nearly 160,000 views. For someone who could not hit a single note of the song, that's an extraordinary achievement!

Kween Yasmin takes delight in making people happy in the midst of widespread suffering brought about by the pandemic. On July 9, she wrote on Facebook: "Sorry, I'm so happy na napapasaya ko kayo. Masaya na ako dahil napapangiti ko kayo nawawala ang pagod nyo."

(I'm so happy that I'm able to make you happy. I'm happy that I make you smile and help relieve your tired body.)

Another rising social media star in the mold of Kween Yasmin and Pandemic Girl is the mysterious DoReMi.

In the few covers that they (DoreMi has kept their identity confidential at the moment) have shared on Facebook and YouTube, we might say DoReMi sounds a little better than Pandemic Girl and Kween Yasmin.

In fact, a few adoring fans praise DoReMi’s voice. On DoReMi’s cover of Adele's "Hello", one follower commented: "Maganda naman po yung boses nyo, kailangan nyo lang po pumili ng song na babagay sa boses nyo." (You have a good voice; you just need to choose a song fit for your voice.)

Another fan echoed that observation and also offered the same advice: "Ok sya pag mababa lang, maganda boses nyo po. Choose nalang po ng good music na babagay for lower range. continue singing lang po!!" (It's good; your voice range is just a little low. You have a good voice. Just choose good music that fit your low range. Just continue singing!)

Other covers posted by DoReMi are Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" and Sia's iconic song, "Chandelier."

DoReMi still has a small following - less than 1,000 on Facebook and less than 20 subscribers on YouTube - but it is only a matter of time before this fun-loving wanna-be-singer earns their own legion of fans.

Truly, DoReMi, Kween Yasmin and Pandemic Girl have helped people make their days a little brighter. Sure, there are many singers far more talented than these three, but their courage to share their music for good vibes despite the possibility of getting ridiculed make them just as special.

If you need a dose of laughter today, go give them a listen!

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