Staying Sane During this Pandemic

Not all have many things to be grateful for because society is plagued by inequality that deprives the majority of a decent life.

COVID-19 has already claimed more than one million lives around the world. The highly contagious virus has already infected over 75 million people.

Bombarded by media with these staggering statistics, people these days live each day in fear. Tomorrow has never been more uncertain. Life has never been scarier.

Anxiety is a crippling feeling. Many feel immobilized and paralyzed by thoughts of impending job loss, business closure, or death. Others have completely lost the will to live.

Now more than ever, one has to seek ways to stay mentally fit. Each person has to find the courage to get up in the morning and face the day. Each person has to muster the will to soldier on.

Mental health experts often advise – be grateful. And this is true - gratitude is key to a happy life, even in the midst of a pandemic. But it is easier said than done. Easier for the privileged; not so for the marginalized.

For this reason, helping one another is the way to go. Those who have more, give. Those who have more resources than they will ever need, share.

Social injustice has never been more glaring as it is now. While the rich can readily weather this tough storm in the comfort of their mansions, the poor struggle harder to feed themselves.

In an ideal world, the few people who own majority of the world's wealth are now scrambling to feed and house and care for the poor. The largest corporations would now have been taking money from their huge coffers to send aid over to people in need around the world.

Alas, greed persists even in this time when the entire human race is at stake. Conflicts continue between counties, between government and citizens, between corporations and employees. And at the core of this disunity is the desire to have more.

At a time when helping one another is key to mankind's survival, selfish interests have to be kept at bay. If you are feeling grateful, share that gratitude by reaching out to family, friends, neighbors, and strangers who direly need help.

Not all can stay sane during this pandemic because not all have the necessary gratitude to save them from insanity.

Not all have many things to be grateful for because society is plagued by inequality that deprives the majority of a decent life.

If anything, this pandemic is teaching humanity how to be more humane. Let's hope we all take this lesson to heart.

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