Joke — The Construction Worker On the 5th Floor of Building

A construction worker on the 5th floor of a building needed a handsaw. So he spots another worker on the ground floor and yells down to him. However, he can't hear him.

So the worker on the 5th floor tries sign language. He pointed to his eye, meaning "I," pointed to his knee, indicating "need," then moved his hand back and forth in a handsaw motion.

The man on the ground floor nods his head, pulls down his pants, whips out his chop, and starts playing with himself.

The worker on the 5th floor gets so pissed off. He runs down to the ground floor and says, "What is your problem? I said I needed a handsaw!"

The other worker replies, "I knew that! I was just trying to tell you that I'm coming!"

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Source: Unijokes

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