Lloyd Cafe Cadena Passes Away as Fans Pay Tribute to Acclaimed YouTuber

A lot of fans pay tribute to the vlogger and express their shock over his sudden death.

Photo: Facebook/Lloyd Cafe Cadena
YouTube star Lloyd Cafe Cadena has passed away, leaving his legion of fans devastated. The tragic news was announced on his Facebook page.

Posted by his family, the statement reads: "It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we announce the untimely demise of our beloved brother Lloyd Cafe Cadena.

"May he be remembered for all the joy and laughter he shared with everyone. My family and I ask for your prayers, respect, and privacy during this time."

The cause of his death was not disclosed. He was 26.

Cadena started his YouTube channel in 2010. He was most famous for his witty vlogs on his daily life.

A lot of fans pay tribute to the vlogger and express their shock over his sudden death.

One person wrote: "You are one of the best pinoy vloggers I look up to and I was so happy when you noticed my tweet and even posted it on your facebook page. So long, Idol. RIP Lloyd Cadena!"

"Lloyd Cadena, it's a prank right? 2020 took 5 angels from us. I'm scared," added another.

"When Lloyd said, 'Lloyd Cadena para sa pagbabago,' he really meant it. God bless your beautiful soul, Lloyd Cadena," another fan said.

"Can we all sing 'Lloyd Cadena para sa Pagbabago! Tara na! Tara na! Tatatatatara na!' for he changed a lot of people and never forgets to look back and give back to those people who helped him rise and to the community," someone else commented.

On September 2, Cadena wrote on Twitter: "11:11 Healing for Everyone!" One of his recent videos on YouTube was of his new house, which he purchased for his mother.

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