Britney Spears Quips that she Looks Like a Vampire

Photo: Instagram/Britney Spears

Pop Princess Britney Spears recently shows off her selfie skills with a spooky picture uploaded to her Instagram page.

On November 25, Spears shared a charming snap of herself and joked that the lighting made her look like a vampire.

"Ok... so I know this is one wicked picture! By the way... if you want great lighting... no need to go to a studio… take a step outside! Outside lighting is literally magic!" the pop superstar wrote.

Spears added, "I wasn't going for a vampire look but hey there's a first time for everything! I swear I had no blush or lipgloss on but it looks like I do... and no my eyes aren't green but I guess that's the magic of the outdoors! PS…. Wait what if I am a vampire."

As of writing, the photo garnered more than 277,000 likes. A lot of avid fans also added their thoughts via comments.

One person wrote: "Brit you are still very pretty. Unlike others everytime I see them anywhere they look like going to a party on a five star hotel. You are simple but still gorgeous Brit. Really 'simplicity is beauty.'"

Another fan added, "This is so revealing. Vampires never leave the house, she's saying what if she is a vampire... and her saying my eyes aren't this color but they look it... like her photos are edited... this might be one of her most direct posts." Someone else commented, "Most beautiful vampire I've ever seen!"

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