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Chloe Brockett and Jack Fincham have been linked to each other after posting snaps from the same hot tub on Christmas Eve.

Brockett, 20, and Fincham, 29, caught the attention of fans after sharing near-identical photos in their swimwear.

In a jacuzzi, shirtless Fincham relaxed while sipping wine in a glass. Hours later, Brockett shared a similar shot.

Brockett posed in a plunging khaki swimsuit while enjoying a drink in the same glass as Fincham.

The pair's remarkably similar photos got their fans talking, and some speculated that they are in a relationship.

Brockett joined "TOWIE" last year and is the newest cast member. On the other hand, Fincham was an Islander on Season 4 of the revived series of "Love Island."

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