Alleged Video of Megan Thee Stallion Arguing with Pardison Fontaine Goes Viral

There is only one name heard after that, and that is "Megan."

Credit: Courtesy of Pardison Fontaine/Megan Thee Stallion/Instagram

There have been claims that Megan Thee Stallion and her boyfriend Pardison Fontaine are fighting on a clip from Instagram Live that went viral.

The clip does not make it entirely clear who is arguing, but many have said it may be the couple.

In the video, a man is heard yelling into the distance, telling whoever on the other side of the room to "tell Megan to come to the door."

It is only the face of the man who is filming that is visible to viewers. Before a door opens, one can hear the man off-camera saying, "Y'all got five seconds before I come through this sh*t."

He walked right past a number of women across the room, one of whom was literally using the bathroom when he walked in. There is only one name heard after that, and that is "Megan."

Pardison was born Jordyn Kyle Lanier Thorpe. He is an American rapper and songwriter from Newburgh, New York.

In 2018, he released the single "Backin' It Up," featuring Cardi B, which reached number 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In 2019, he released his debut album "UNDER8ED."

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