Man Faces Murder Charges After Allegedly Stabbing his Girlfriend

As Alayna fought to save her life, she used a knife on Fernando's chest and neck regions.

Credit: Courtesy of Alayna Hardy/Instagram/Fernando Munera/Facebook

Police have arrested and charged a man with murder after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend several times in her apartment.

The Post reported that Fernando Munera, 26, was arrested for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend, Alayna Hardy, on May 19. According to police sources, Alayna had a restraining order against Fernando prior to the attack.

Fernando was placed under a restraining order after allegedly hitting Alayna, 27, in her apartment and taking her phone. He also vandalized some household items.

Credit: Courtesy of Alayna Hardy/Instagram

Among the charges included in the restraining order were unlawful imprisonment, criminal mischief, and harassment in the second degree.

Fernando broke into Alayna's apartment on East 115th street after the court ordered that he could not contact her. He then allegedly stabbed her repeatedly all over her body.

As Alayna fought to save her life, she used a knife on Fernando's chest and neck regions. A neighbor, who knew the couple, revealed that he heard a woman scream, which was succeeded by utter silence.

Credit: Courtesy of Fernando Munera/Facebook

Alayna was taken to the Metropolitan Hospital, but she died there, police confirmed. Meanwhile, Fernando was in critical condition when rushed to Harlem Hospital.

Alayna's family had nothing but positive things to say about her. Madison, her cousin, noted she had a zest for life, while her mother described her as an incredible person.

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