Twins Survive Two Surgeries In The Womb

In addition to being told both or either twin might die, this was also the only way to save them.

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Adorable twins Flo and Amelia Richford underwent two life-saving operations while inside their mother Hanna’s womb.

Just two days before COVID-19 started last year, Hanna had one embryo successfully implanted inside her womb, as reported by The Mirror.

In two weeks, she and her partner James discovered they were pregnant. The scan revealed they were expecting twins a few weeks later.

“We couldn't believe it. After losing our twins the first time it seemed as if these twins had been sent as a gift,” Hanna told The Mirror.

Her womb held only one embryo, but it split into two, she said. Hanna's pregnancy had gone well until 20 weeks.

Doctors explained to her that the twins suffered from an extremely rare disorder known as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS).

An uneven blood flow results in one twin receiving nearly all nutrients, while the other receives relatively few.

The babies were at risk of death. In such a short period of time, the condition grew serious.

In London, Hanna was waiting to be operated on at St George's Hospital. In addition to being told both or either twin might die, this was also the only way to save them.

Neither has died after the operation. However, Hanna and James's happiness soon turned into horror.

Another life-threatening condition was discovered among the girls, requiring a second operation.

The twins were found to suffer from Twin Anaemia Polycythemia Sequence (TAPS), in which one twin becomes anemic while the other becomes overloaded with blood.

The couple had suffered greatly while waiting for the fate of the girls. After the surgery was completed, a scan revealed the presence of two heartbeats.

For the second time, the twins survived. The fact that they had survived two surgeries in the womb is just a miracle, Hannah said.

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