Britney Spears Offers Prayers to Home State of Louisiana After Destructive Hurricane

After the devastation in Louisiana, Britney said that God is certainly getting people's attention now.
Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

Britney Spears sent words of support and prayers to people in Louisiana who have been devastated by Tropical Storm Ida recently.

The Pop Princess took to Instagram on Thursday to write about the devastating destructions.

A video of her dancing was posted along with a caption referring to the power of God and mother nature.

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Britney, a Kentwood, Louisiana native, started her statement by expressing her deep concern for many people in the world at the moment, especially those in Louisiana.

"God will DEFINITELY throw us some curve balls to set us straight to make sure we are AWAKENED !!!!' the singer added.

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After the devastation in Louisiana, Britney said that God is certainly getting people's attention now.

"Are you awake my friends??? I told you a while back … DON’T F**K WITH MOTHER NATURE … she is responsible for the air we breathe… the sunrises... the sunsets … the rainbows … but she’s also a beast with the earthquakes … tornadoes … hurricanes !!!!" she wrote.

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"Go outside and pick up a PIECE OF HER and just LISTEN … but it’s nice to be able to look up and know FAMILY is nearby …"

In light of the tragedy, Britney was thankful her family is safe and doing well.

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She added, "In life there’s always a TWIST … SPIN … GRIN ... or even a GIGGLE that’s best served with a beautiful spoon … find YOUR GOD and SERVE HIM WELL !!!! Here’s my twist on life and I’m serving it to God !!!"

Britney also discussed her dance video, saying, "This is how I praise … This is how I feel … by dancing ... singing … praying … and even cleaning !!!

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"To some it will never be enough but I am perfect in His eyes and will continue to do what gives me praise !!! God bless you all !!! THE LIGHT IS COMING SOON ☀️☀️☀️ !!!!"

Continuing on, Britney posed the question: "Psss so wait is God a man or a woman????"

Take a look at her post below.

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