Are Those Mysterious '30' Billboards Related to Adele?

Various billboards bearing the number "30" appeared on October 1, indicating that Adele may finally be back.

Adele has not yet made any official announcement, but fans have witnessed at least two "30" billboards so far and appear confident that their message is clear.

There had also been rumors that Adele would release new music on Friday, but nothing has come to fruition.

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Credit: Adele/Instagram

Choosing to name her album "30" would follow Adele's past pattern of naming albums after her ages. 30 represented a turning point for the singer.

When she was that age, she separated from her then-husband Simon Konecki.

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With her new record, Adele would have released her fourth album and first in six years following the record-breaking 2015 album "25."

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