Britney Spears' Legal Team Reportedly Plans to Depose her Father & Security Manager

A source told the Daily Mail that the legal team representing Britney Spears intends to depose her father and security manager who are accused of monitoring and recording the pop icon in her bedroom.

Mathew Rosengart, Britney's lawyer, will be requesting subpoenas soon in order to question Jamie Spears and Robin Greenhill under oath, the source claimed.

Mathew plans to grill them about alleged financial mismanagement, the misuse of funds, and the monitoring of her phone and placing listening devices under her bed, according to the source.

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Credit: Britney Spears/Instagram

"Now that Matt's had the big victory on Wednesday, he's deposing Jamie Spears and looking into Tri Star and Robin Greenhill in particular," said the source. "He will be subpoenaing and taking the deposition of Robin Greenhill. It will be coming up in approximately the next 30 days."

Mathew will grill Jamie about why Britney despite her tireless work for years had such modest wealth, the source added.

The lawyer will also ask Robin about the former security manager Alex Vlasov's claim of receiving mirrored text messages from the pop star's phone.

Robin is employed by Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, a business management company Jamie hired to handle Britney's estate.

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