Lil Nas X Addresses Backlash He Gets Over Nicki Minaj Reference

"And nobody knows it when you're silent, I'd be by the phone. Stanning Nicki mornin' into dawn, only place I felt I belonged."
Credit: Courtesy of Lil Nas  & Nicki Minaj/Instagram

His latest single, "Sun Goes Down," featured a Nicki Minaj reference that has caused a backlash. We've got Lil Nas X's response.

Taking to Twitter to apologize to Nicki's fans, known as the Barbz, Lil Nas X promised not to mention the rapper in his songs again.

"To the barbz who feel i'm using nicki's name for attention, the song i released last night was recorded last year," he wrote. "and it's about my life which 6 of those years were dedicated to nicki. it's no fake love. but i understand how it looks so i will no longer mention her."

The song in question reveals that Lil Nas X was a big Nicki fan in his early years. He rapped:

And nobody knows it when you're silent, I'd be by the phone. Stanning Nicki mornin' into dawn, only place I felt I belonged.

Lil Nas X's fans, meanwhile, urged him not to worry about haters. According to one person, we all make mistakes, and that Nicki probably appreciates that she inspires him so much. Another fan advised him to show love without fear.

In June 2020, Lil Nas X got in trouble with the Barbz when he denied running a Nicki Minaj fan account but then admitted it. Nicki responded to that on Twitter, saying she forgave him, even though it hurt a little.

Meanwhile, Lil Nas X talked about his recently-released "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" music video last April and said that everything, in general, was his idea.

Throughout the video, which is inspired by Greek mythology, she kisses an alien and dances with the devil. Lil Nas X explained how his music video came about in an interview on the "Spout" podcast.

Asked whether he gives input to what he wears, he replied: "Ohh, one hundred (percent)! Especially with music videos, and you know, everything, in general, like, I have my amazing stylist Hodo."

Besides collaborating on the creation of these characters and moments, Lil Nas X also explained that, for music videos and their concept, he makes a treatment beforehand.

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