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Britney Spears' Voicemail About Conservatorship Years Ago Leaks

The family of the singer said that he was more of a factor in her fall from grace. Credit: Courtesy…

Alleged Private Video of DaBaby Resurfaces Amid 'Homophobic' Rant Controversy

Twitter users had no qualms about criticizing DaBaby, labeling him "homophobic."   Credit…

Paris Hilton Denies Being Pregnant After Reports Arise

"People always make up rumors, I'm very used to it at this point being in the industry for…

Britney Spears Files Official Petition To Remove Her Father From Conservatorship

"Ms. Spears has sufficient capacity to choose her own legal counsel, she likewise has sufficie…

Jamie Lynn Spears Refreshes Her Look Amid Feud with Sister Britney Spears

It seems that she was hinting at the fact that the second season of "Sweet Magnolias" had…

Pop Smoke Returns to Billboard 200's Top Spot With 'Faith'

The artist had previously debuted at No. 7 with "Meet the Woo, V.2," and at No. 105 with …

Kim Kardashian Modelizes Her Perfect Body in Nude Bikini

She was spotted with Kanye for the first time following her divorce filing in February earlier this…

The Most Daring & Dark Album of Taylor Swift

Taylor's style, which reflected the darker side of her electro-pop album, was noticeably grungi…

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Birthday With Boyfriend Ben Affleck

Her red and yellow top paired with matching bottoms placed under her hips made Jennifer look fabulo…

Britney Spears' Friend Cade Hudson Discusses the Singer's Conservatorship

Britney exhibited more social media activism following the big conservatorship victory earlier this…

Rising Boxer Frank Varey Loses His Life in a River

"Frank was a larger-than-life character. I've never met anyone that could lose a hotel key…

Britney Spears Shocks Fans with New Topless Photo

Fans, of course, continued to mention "Free Britney" while they were commenting on Britne…

Selena Gomez Shares Rare Video with Sister Gracie

According to reports, the pair filmed the TikTok while Selena celebrated her 29th birthday on July …

Watch — 'Don't Go Yet' Music Video by Camila Cabello

"Don't Go Yet" is also included on her forthcoming third album, "Familia." …

Tinashe Announces Tracklist, Cover & Release Date for '333' Album

Tinashe produces on a pretty consistent basis and has a pretty prolific work rate. Thus, we're …

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