Iggy Azalea Says She Loves Being in her 30s

In another post, Iggy updated her fans on the renovations to her house.

Credit: Iggy Azalea/Instagram

Iggy Azalea has taken to social media to urge her followers to embrace getting older rather than dreading it.

The acclaimed rapper is now 31 years old and she is a doting mother to her son Onyx, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti.

On Twitter recently, Iggy wrote: "I love being in my 30s. Look forward to getting older, don’t dread it."

Following that, the star shared a photograph of her son's rabbit and her shoes on her couch.

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Credit: Iggy Azalea/Twitter

In another post, Iggy updated her fans on the renovations to her house.

According to her, the situation is extremely intense right now. Very loud with lots of electric saws sounds taking place, Iggy noted.

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Meanwhile, Iggy recently urged record labels to employ psychologists to offer support to their artists.

The star believed labels need to recognize that both the level of hate and pressure has been a struggle for every artist of late.

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