Nicki Minaj's Music is Uncancelled Despite Controversies

It appears that neither Nicki Minaj's harassment lawsuit nor Twitter rants about the COVID-19 vaccine caused her music's streaming popularity to plummet.

As of now, Nicki remains uncancelled. The rapper's streams jumped the day after Jennifer Hough's harassment lawsuit broke, according to MRC Data.

In Nicki's vaccine-tweeting marathon, her music averaged over 3.6 million streams per day, a few hundred thousand streams below her average.

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Credit: Nicki Minaj/Instagram

This slight overall decline is likely due to Nicki not releasing anything new during the time period covered by this data.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Nicki gave fans an inside look at her life as a mother. The rapper shared some adorable clips of herself and her husband, Kenneth, on her Instagram account.

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In the video, the couple can be seen spending time with their son, who they have named "Papa Bear."

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