Fans Are Obsessed With Charlie Puth's Recent Thirst Trap

"The way that I zoomed into that first photo though."

Credit: Charlie Puth/Instagram

A quick Google search of "Charlie Puth" and "thirst trap" reveals countless articles talking about the various photos that the singer has posted on his Instagram account.

Charlie wore only a mask over his T-zone and blue boxer briefs in one of his recent photos, where a bulge could be clearly seen.

Interestingly, the second image shows Charlie outside wearing a brown shirt, blue boxer briefs, and green socks.

It was not long before his legion of fans took notice of the revealing photos.

One fan wrote, "The way that I zoomed into that first photo though."

Another added, "OMG we all zoomed lmao."

Check out the photos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Credit: Charlie Puth/Instagram

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