'Darna' Stars Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador Open to a 'GL' Project

Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador view the project as encompassing more than just GL, but also friendship and women's empowerment.

Credit: Janella Salvador/Instagram

The excitement for a follow-up project for "Darna" stars Jane de Leon and Janella Salvador continues to grow as fans eagerly anticipate the finale of the beloved Filipino superhero series.

The stunning chemistry between de Leon's Darna and Salvador's Valentina, who are fated to be mortal enemies, has been one of the biggest surprises of the show.

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Credit: Janella Salvador/Instagram

Fans are overwhelmingly rooting for both actresses, and the "Darlentina" fandom has only continued to grow stronger.

Both de Leon and Salvador expressed their gratitude to their fans in a recent media conference ahead of the show's final episodes.

De Leon stated they are continuously astonished by the unforeseen success of "Darlentina" and "JaneNella" pairings, especially in the current scenario.

She added that the admiration and backing fans have provided to both Salvador and herself is astonishing.

Meanwhile, Salvador expressed that having LGBTQ community support is a huge privilege and it truly touches their hearts.

In response to the fandom's requests for a follow-up project, both Salvador and de Leon are open to the idea and eager to explore new possibilities.

When asked about a potential "girls love" or GL project, Salvador said, "Of course, why not?"

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She also mentioned that a GL project would hold great significance for the LGBTQ community in the Philippines, as it would offer improved representation. She emphasized that she would be fully supportive of such projects.

De Leon expressed agreement and said the story must be compelling. She added that she considers it a fantastic challenge for them as artists.

This would be a fresh experience for both her and Salvador, as well as their local audience.

According to de Leon, for her and Salvador, the project encompasses not only GL but also friendship and women's empowerment.

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