Prince William Responds to Rumors Surrounding Prince Harry's Upcoming Book Release

"He knows he will be labeled a traitor..."

Credit: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

As the release date of Prince Harry's much-anticipated book "Spare" approaches, speculation and rumors have been swirling about the potential secrets that may be revealed within its pages.

In response, Prince William has publicly addressed some of the topics that will be covered in the book, with the help of exclusive reporters.

According to sources close to the royal family, William is reportedly upset with the way that his brother Harry has portrayed him in various press publications and has decided to speak out in defense of his image.

The source stated, "He knows he will be labeled a traitor, to cross the red line so many times, his father, his brother, the Princess of Wales and Camilla, it is absolutely devastating.”

Credit: princeandprincessofwales/Instagram

Not only are members of the royal family saddened by the fact that Harry would choose to share potentially distorted versions of events with the public, they are also concerned about the impact this could have on the reputation of the monarchy.

There have even been rumors that William's annoyance with the situation has become so constant that he is considering trying to prevent Harry from attending the upcoming coronation of their father, King Charles III of the United Kingdom.

Regardless of the final outcome, it is clear that the release of "Spare" has caused a great deal of tension within the royal family and has left them grappling with difficult emotions.

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