Tom Brady Shares Cute Father-Son Pool Day Pics, Some Say It's Not Appropriate

It is not surprising that his posts are scrutinized by many people.

Credit: Tom Brady/Instagram

Tom Brady has been spending quality time with his son Benjamin, and recently took to social media to share some sweet photos of their pool day.

The photos, which were posted on December 30, show the father-and-son duo lounging by the pool and enjoying each other's company.

The first photo shows Benjamin sitting on his father's lap, with his legs stretched out on top of him, while the second is a selfie of the pair, with Brady giving his son a kiss on the back of the head.

While many people have enjoyed seeing the photos and have commented on how adorable they are, there are some who have expressed concern about the photo of Benjamin sitting on his father's lap. They argue that it is not appropriate, and have criticized Brady for posting it.

It is worth noting that Brady is a well-known athlete, and he has a large following on social media. As such, it is not surprising that his posts are scrutinized by many people, and that there are differing opinions about what is and is not appropriate.

Credit: Tom Brady/Instagram

However, it is important to remember that Brady is a doting father who is simply trying to share special moments with his son and his followers. He is not trying to cause any harm or offense, and it is likely that he did not intend for the photo to be seen as inappropriate.

Ultimately, the decision to post the photo was Brady's, and he will have to deal with any consequences that may come as a result.

But it is imperative to remember that parenting is a challenging and often thankless job, and that it is not always easy to get things right.

Maybe Brady posted the photo by mistake, but perhaps he just wanted to share a special moment with his son.

Even if people disagree with the photo, Brady is doing his best to raise his son, and all parents make mistakes every now and then.

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