Video of Dog and Owner's Impressive Jumping Skills Goes Viral

The video received an overwhelming response, with over 3,000,000 views, more than 20,000 likes.

Credit: Guinness World Records/Instagram

Epic videos of people and animals breaking world records are regularly shared by Guinness World Records on their social media platforms.

Recently, they published a post on their Instagram page featuring a dog named Balu and his pet parent, Wolfgang Lauenburger.

The duo created a world record for the most skips by a dog on its hind legs in 30 seconds, and their impressive feat was captured on video.

In the video shared by Guinness World Records, Balu can be seen jumping and skipping alongside his owner, Wolfgang.

Balu's impressive jumping ability is a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by both Balu and Wolfgang.

The video received an overwhelming response, with over 3,000,000 views, more than 20,000 likes, and a plethora of positive comments from users.

On its website, Guinness World Records confirmed that the most skips by a dog on the hind legs in 30 seconds is 32, and was achieved by Balu and Wolfgang Lauenburger, who are both from Germany.

The record was set on July 12, 2022 in Stuckenbrock, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

The video of Balu and Wolfgang's record-breaking feat is a heartwarming reminder of the incredible bond between humans and animals.

It also showcases the remarkable training and dedication required to achieve such an impressive accomplishment. One user on Instagram commented, "This lovely dog is so cute, and congratulations to the little world champion."

The video has not only entertained and amazed people all over the world but also inspired many people to try and create their own record-breaking moments with their beloved pets.

Guinness World Records is a renowned organization that has been documenting and recognizing world records since 1955.

They have a wide variety of categories, including human achievements, natural world records, and records set by animals.

Their website and social media platforms serve as a platform for individuals and groups to showcase their talents and achievements to the world.

From a dog skipping rope alongside its owner, to a human climbing the highest mountain, Guinness World Records has something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

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