Viral Video 'Using a Trout for Clout' Sparks Outrage Online

Tasmanian police are reportedly investigating videos to determine the location and identity of the couple depicted.

Credit: Twitter

The viral video "Using A Trout For Clout" is labeled as a "disgusting and vile act" that has surfaced online, allegedly from Tasmania, Australia.

This video shows a woman engaging in a shocking and grotesque act with a trout, in a place where a fish should never be.

Not only is this video revolting, but it is also being called "1 girl 1 trout," further trivializing and degrading the severity of the act.

But that is not all, this couple also allegedly defiled a cemetery's gravestone of a beloved artist.

Some people say that this is a heinous and disrespectful act, and that the individuals responsible should be held accountable for their actions.

This video has been shared on Reddit and Twitter, and according to many people who have already seen the video, it is time for the public to take a stand against such depravity.

A full-length and explicit version of the video was shared on Reddit's /r/Unexpected subreddit, but was quickly removed by the subreddit's moderators, and the Redditor who shared it was immediately banned.

Regardless, the video still exists and continues to be shared, further perpetuating this abhorrent act.

According to reports, Tasmanian police are currently investigating the videos to see if they took place in Tasmania, as well as identifying who the couple are.

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