Video of Heelmike Engaging in Inappropriate Behavior During Kick Live Stream Goes Viral

Credit: Heelmike/Kick

Heelmike, a popular Twitch star, has recently been banned from Kick, a streaming platform, after he engaged in inappropriate behavior during a live stream.

This action has caused much controversy as Kick has been subjected to numerous incidents of inappropriate behavior by streamers, including sexual content and the broadcast of copyrighted material, without any consequences.

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During his live stream, Heelmike filmed himself receiving oral s*x from a girl, which was captured on camera.

The footage shows the girl uttering provocative language while Heelmike relaxed. The explicit nature of the stream was a clear violation of Kick's content policies, leading to his ban.

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After the ban, Heelmike took to social media to express his thoughts, stating that the ban was worth it despite only being for one day. He acknowledged that he went too far and promised to be more respectful in the future.

Credit: Heelmike/Instagram

He also praised Kick for its communication with creators and its ability to explain what went wrong, unlike Twitch, which has been criticized for its lack of transparency regarding bans.

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It remains to be seen whether Kick will increase the length of Heelmike's ban if he continues to engage in inappropriate behavior during his streams.

However, this incident highlights the need for platforms to enforce their content policies strictly and for streamers to adhere to these policies to avoid being banned or facing other consequences.

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