Ed Sheeran Pays Emotional Tribute to Late Friend in New Documentary

Credit: Ed Sheeran/Instagram

Ed Sheeran is emotionally moved in his new documentary as he mourns the loss of his close friend Jamal Edwards.

The 32-year-old singer was discovered by music producer Jamal, who tragically passed away at the age of 31 due to a cardiac arrest caused by cocaine and alcohol in February 2022.

Jamal's death occurred around the same time when Ed's wife Cherry Seaborn, who is currently pregnant, discovered she had a tumour, adding to Ed's emotional burden.

Ed was captured in tears in the documentary, where he revealed that his first single "Eyes Closed" from his upcoming album "Subtract" is dedicated to Jamal.

The singer expressed his gratitude to Jamal, stating that "You have to wait for someone to say that's great, and for me that's Jamal. And then the successes started happening."

The trailer of the upcoming Disney+ documentary "The Sum of It All," releasing on May 3, features Ed explaining how his music helps him channel his pain and emotions.

He also talks about his unlikely journey to become a global pop star, saying, "Ginger - short - he stutters, that guy doesn't grow up to be a pop star. It's so unlikely."

In the documentary, Cherry also talks about Ed's emotional state, expressing surprise at seeing him cry on stage during a performance. She mentions that Ed hasn't had time to process his thoughts and come to peace with his emotions.

Ed described his new single "Eyes Closed" on Instagram, explaining that it is a song about losing someone and feeling like their presence is still around. He added that music helps heal, and he is dancing with his eyes closed to try and get through his emotional pain.

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