Leaked Private Video of Babo from Cartel de Santa Goes Viral On Twitter

Credit: Babo/Instagram

The internet is currently ablaze with news of a scandal involving Babo, a prominent member of the Mexican rap group Cartel de Santa. It all started when a video clip from his OnlyFans account, titled "Think of me," was leaked, causing a frenzy on social media due to its explicit content.

In the video, Babo can be seen engaging in an inappropriate act with one of the several models featured in the clip. But that's not all - the rapper also bares it all, revealing a side of himself that fans had never seen before. The leaked video has left fans in shock, as they try to come to terms with the graphic content that has been circulating online.

The leaked video was available on his OnlyFans account for a hefty price of $50, which only a few fans were able to access. The rest were left to scour the internet for a glimpse of the controversial video.

Fans who were lucky enough to see the explicit video were left stunned by Babo's impressive attributes, which quickly became the talk of the town. The reaction on social media has been swift, with memes and images flooding the internet as fans try to make sense of this shocking news.

The scandal has sparked a debate among fans and critics alike, with some condemning Babo's actions while others have come out in his support. Despite the mixed reactions, the scandal has certainly generated a lot of attention for Babo and his music group.

It remains to be seen how the scandal will affect Babo's career, but one thing is for sure - this is one scandal that fans won't forget anytime soon.

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