Noah Schnapp Reveals Emotions Ahead of Filming for 'Stranger Things' 5

Credit: Noah Schnapp/Instagram

The hit series "Stranger Things" on Netflix is approaching the end of its run, and preparations are being made by the cast and crew for the filming of the fifth and final season.

Noah Schnapp, one of the series' stars, has revealed that he has mixed feelings about the conclusion, as he has been a part of the show since childhood.

"Stranger Things" initially captivated viewers with its depiction of the mysterious alternate world of the Upside Down, in which Will Byers (Schnapp's character) was lost after being attacked by the Demogorgon.

Schnapp, who is 18 years old, is eagerly anticipating the start of filming for the final chapter of the series, and recently discussed this with Collider ahead of his appearance in the psychological thriller "The Tutor."

Schnapp described the upcoming finale of "Stranger Things" as "bittersweet," noting that he had grown up on the show and that it had been a significant part of his development as an actor.

He first appeared on the show when he was 10 years old and is now an adult, so the experience has been a significant part of his life.

Despite his mixed emotions, Schnapp is looking forward to the start of filming and is confident that the final season will be a success. He also acknowledged that he would be sad when the show concluded, but he is excited about the future.

Schnapp made headlines recently by revealing on TikTok that he is gay, noting that this was a revelation that had similarities to his "Stranger Things" character, who is also gay.

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