Sara Blake Cheek's Son Suspended After School Finds her Content

Credit: Sara Blake Cheek/Instagram

A mother's decision to pursue a career on OnlyFans has resulted in her son being suspended from school, causing a media frenzy.

Critics are blasting her for robbing her child of his childhood and purposely subjecting him to bullying. But the OnlyFans star, Sara Blake Cheek, is not taking this lying down, according to reports.

Defending herself as a responsible mother, she claims that her children are happy, healthy, and well-cared for. Moreover, she refuses to back down against the discrimination aimed at OnlyFans creators.

Despite her efforts, the scandal has caused her to be banned from her son's sporting events and even feuding with a religious teacher at a hockey game.

As OnlyFans models continue to make headlines with their scandals, this mother is determined to stand her ground and not let anyone discriminate against her family.

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