Chris Evans Reveals Reasons for Hesitance to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Credit: Chris Evans/Instagram

Actor Chris Evans has recently shared his reservations about hosting NBC's sketch-comedy show, "Saturday Night Live" (SNL), despite his upcoming appearance in the film, "Ghosted," alongside Ana de Armas, who is set to host an episode of SNL.

The actor admitted to Entertainment Tonight Canada that he has avoided hosting the show for years and finds the prospect terrifying.

Credit: Chris Evans/Instagram

Cameo versus Hosting: A Matter of Fear

When asked whether he would consider making a cameo appearance during de Armas' stint as host, Evans expressed his willingness to do so.

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However, he clarified that hosting the show is a different matter. The actor said that the thought of hosting SNL would make him wake up in a cold sweat every night.

He emphasized that a cameo is "perfect" because it allows him to dip his toes into the show, but hosting would bring him "a lot of sleepless nights."

Credit: Chris Evans/Instagram

Evans' Belief in His Lack of Comedy Prowess

The actor also cited his perception of himself as not being a funny person as a reason for his reluctance to host SNL.

According to Evans, he has friends who told him that he is not funny, and that idea stuck with him. He believes that hosting SNL would give him an "everyday anxiety" and "constant regret" that he could have been comfortable at home instead.

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Ready to Slow Down and Be Selective

Evans' recent statement about his career shows that he intends to slow down a bit and be more selective with his roles.

According to PEOPLE, the star shared in November 2022 that he has been in the industry for over 20 years and that he is ready to take a breather. He said that he wants to be more particular about the projects he takes on.

Credit: Chris Evans/Instagram

Chris Evans' reservations about hosting SNL reveal that even accomplished actors may still have fears and doubts about certain aspects of their craft.

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His preference for a cameo over hosting the show also highlights the importance of setting personal boundaries and recognizing one's limitations.

While Evans may not feel confident about his comedy skills, his dedication to his craft and willingness to challenge himself in other areas of his career show that he is still an accomplished and versatile actor.

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