Private Photos and Videos of Acclaimed Rapper Tyga Leak Online

Credit: Tyga/Instagram

Rapper Tyga became the subject of a scandal after private photos and videos from his OnlyFans account were leaked online, causing a stir on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit.

One of the leaked videos reportedly showed the rapper engaging in intimate scenes with multiple women.

In 2021, OnlyFans, the subscription-based social media platform where users could sell their own adult content, announced a rebranding move to ban adult entertainment content from its platform.

Credit: Tyga/Instagram

In response, Tyga announced the launch of an alternative platform called Myystar. The platform was designed to support content creators who wanted to create explicit or non-explicit content without any pushback and to provide a better quality and more futuristic platform with only a 10% fee.

Tyga deleted his OnlyFans account to focus on building his platform. He encouraged users to apply for invites to Myystar, which he hoped would become a hub for new talent in the adult entertainment industry.

Prior to leaving OnlyFans, Tyga was reportedly the fourth-highest earner on the platform, earning an estimated $8 million.

During his time on OnlyFans, Tyga also launched his talent management company called TooRaww, which he hoped to expand with the help of new talent on an invite-only basis.

Tyga, whose real name is Michael Ray Stevenson, rose to fame in the mid-2000s with his debut album "No Introduction," which featured the hit single "Coconut Juice."

He gained widespread recognition for his collaborations with artists such as Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Nicki Minaj. His popularity continued to soar, with subsequent albums and mixtapes cementing his status as a rap superstar.

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