Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Video Goes Viral on TikTok and Twitter

Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Renowned Hollywood figure Ben Affleck's recent video, capturing a moment where he accompanied his superstar spouse, Jennifer Lopez, to their awaiting car, and subsequently displayed an act of perceived frustration by firmly shutting the door, has achieved extraordinary popularity, accumulating an impressive viewership of over 50 million on prominent social media platforms such as TikTok and Twitter.

The footage, which was initially shared on Twitter alongside a caption highlighting the actor's visible stress in the clip, has incited a substantial wave of reactions from enthusiasts and followers of the celebrity couple. Numerous individuals seized the opportunity to inject humor into their remarks regarding the multifaceted actor-director's disdain for public scrutiny surrounding his relationship with the renowned songstress.

Originally titled "Ben Affleck shows chivalry isn't dead," the video gained traction after being posted on TikTok and was subsequently shared on Twitter by an account holder who commented, "That man look STRESSED."

Within the recording, Affleck and Lopez can be observed strolling toward their vehicle, each clutching their respective beverages. Demonstrating an act of gallantry, Affleck assists Lopez in reaching the car, opening the door before swiftly shutting it with a noticeable gesture of exasperation.

Affleck's body language during the incident is indicative of his frustration, further reinforcing the sentiment expressed in the video. Subsequently, the actor proceeds to approach the driver's side and directs a hand gesture toward the individual recording the scene, signaling a request to cease their documentation.

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