High School Football Player Jordan DeMay's Sextortion Tragedy Ends in Heartbreaking Suicide

Credit: Jordan DeMay/Instagram

A Michigan family has raised the alarm regarding the escalating prevalence of sextortion scams on social media platforms, highlighting the devastating consequences that can arise from such manipulative tactics. The untimely death of Jordan DeMay, a 17-year-old talented high school football player, serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers associated with these illicit activities. Jordan took his own life in March 2022 after falling victim to a sextortion scheme that originated on Instagram.

According to Fox News Digital, Jordan was specifically targeted by an individual who had gained unauthorized access to an Instagram account, allegedly operated by Samuel Ogoshi, a 22-year-old Nigerian man. This deceitful individual employed the fraudulent profile to coerce young men into sharing explicit images, a reprehensible act commonly referred to as sextortion.

Credit: Jordan DeMay/Instagram

Upon Jordan sending an explicit photo, Ogoshi reportedly resorted to threats, claiming he would disseminate the compromising material to a wide audience, including Jordan's acquaintances. In a desperate bid to prevent such a humiliating exposure, Jordan inquired about the sum of money Ogoshi demanded. In response, the suspect callously stated, "Just pay me rn [right now]. And I won't expose you." Succumbing to the pressure, Jordan sent $300, only to face further demands from Ogoshi, who menaced to share the explicit image with Jordan's family and friends unless he complied.

Tragically, the situation escalated to its devastating conclusion when Jordan expressed his intention to take his own life to Ogoshi. In an utterly heartless response, Ogoshi allegedly callously replied, "Good. Do that fast. Or I'll make you do it. I swear to God." This harrowing exchange epitomizes the profoundly distressing nature of sextortion and its potential to drive vulnerable individuals to unimaginable measures.

As reported by WLUC-TV, Nigerian authorities have apprehended Samuel Ogoshi, along with two other individuals named Samson Ogoshi and Ezekiel Ejehem Robert. The trio faces charges related to the sexual extortion of over 100 young men and teenage boys in the United States. Their alleged offenses include conspiracy to sexually exploit minors, distribute child pornography, and engage in internet stalking. Extradition procedures are currently underway to facilitate their transfer to the United States for trial.

Credit: Jordan DeMay/Instagram

John DeMay, Jordan's grief-stricken father, expressed his anguish, stating, "Someone came to his bedroom at 3 in the morning and murdered him through Instagram when we were all sleeping at night, and we had zero chance to stop it." This profoundly sorrowful incident underscores the urgent necessity to address the escalating threat of sextortion and its detrimental impact on vulnerable individuals.

Recognizing the severity of the issue, the FBI has observed a significant increase in cases involving the coercion of children and teenagers to share explicit images online, a criminal act commonly known as sextortion. Particularly concerning is the surge in financial extortion cases, where offenders manipulate minors by threatening to release compromising material unless they provide money or gift cards.

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