Taylor Swift Thrills Fans with Big Screen Debut of 'The Eras Tour' Concert Film in North America

Credit: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift has a surprise for all her fans! She's turning her successful tour, The Eras Tour, into a movie that will be shown in theaters in North America.

She announced this on August 31st. Taylor said that the tour has been really important to her, and she's excited to share it on the big screen. The movie will be in theaters starting from October 13th.

Taylor wants her fans to have fun at the screenings by wearing special clothes, bringing friendship bracelets, and singing and dancing together.

You can buy tickets to watch the movie in theaters right now. So many fans wanted tickets that the website had a lot of people trying to buy them, so some fans had to wait for a bit.

Taylor's fans are really excited because getting tickets for her tour was really hard when it was first announced.

Even though Taylor is showing the movie in North America, she's still doing shows in other countries with a special guest, Sabrina Carpenter.

Taylor started the international part of her tour in Mexico City and even spoke Spanish to the audience. She'll be back in the US for more tour dates in 2024.

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