LISTEN: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber's Unreleased Duet 'Cannonball' Leaked Online

Credit: Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber/Instagram

A collaboration between pop sensations Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber surfaced online. The track, titled "Cannonball," was originally intended for inclusion in Bieber's third album, "Believe."

In the leaked song, the former friends harmonize, singing, "I think you like this/'Cause your love is like a cannonball." The lyrics explore themes of love and change, capturing a poignant moment between the two artists.

However, public reception has been mixed. While some listeners appreciated the song, expressing their admiration, others were less impressed. One critic commented, "Sound bad tho," and another voiced relief, saying, "Glad it didn't come out." A prevailing sentiment was encapsulated by a disheartened fan who remarked, "Instantly the worst song Taylor has ever been a part of."

Reports suggest that Justin Bieber had invited Taylor Swift for a writing session back in August 2011. Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, revealed, "It didn't go on Believe because there's another project they want to work on. So, it just didn't make sense at this time, and the song they did didn't fit this album."

The leaked track has sparked widespread discussions among fans, leaving them intrigued about the dynamic collaboration that might have been. Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding story.

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