Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Spark Engagement Rumors

Credit: Chariah_/Instagram

Speculation is swirling around pop sensation Taylor Swift and NFL star Travis Kelce after rumors emerged suggesting the couple may have quietly gotten engaged during their New Year's Eve celebration in Kansas City.

According to insider information shared on Deuxmoi's podcast, a trusted source claimed that Swift and Kelce exchanged vows on December 31, away from prying eyes, before joining festivities. The source revealed, "Pretty sure Taylor and Travis got engaged 12/31. They did it just the two of them alone before they headed to that party where they were photographed."

However, despite the whispers, the alleged engagement remains unconfirmed, with the couple reportedly opting to keep their relationship under wraps for the time being. The insider hinted at the couple's packed schedules in the coming months, suggesting it's "too soon to go public" with any official announcement. "They don't want to overshadow that. It's too soon," the source added.

Following a report by the Daily Mail based on the rumor, Deuxmoi took to Instagram to offer a clarification, stating that while the information came from a trusted source, they don't necessarily endorse it.

The alleged engagement has sparked debate, with conflicting reports emerging about Swift and Kelce's future plans. A separate source, speaking to Page Six earlier this month, claimed the couple intends to mark their one-year anniversary in July with an official engagement. "Taylor and Travis discussed it, and there is a plan," the insider revealed.

As fans eagerly await further developments, Swift and Kelce continue to keep the details of their relationship closely guarded, leaving many to wonder if wedding bells are indeed in their future.

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