Jason Mraz Comes Out as Bisexual, Embraces New Chapter in Life

Jason Mraz, known for his hit song "I'm Yours," recently revealed his bisexuality on Jesse Tyler Ferguson's show "Dinner’s on Me." The singer confessed that he hesitated to disclose this aspect of himself earlier, fearing ridicule.

"In the ’90s, being gay was often the punchline of a joke, and I didn’t want to be the punchline," Mraz candidly shared during the episode.

Mraz first hinted at his sexuality in 2018 when he penned a love poem for Billboard's Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community. The poem concluded with the line "I am bi your side," sparking discussions about his orientation.

Credit: Jason Mraz/Instagram

The singer's journey to self-discovery was further influenced by his divorce from Christina Carano in 2023, after eight years of marriage. Mraz described this period as pivotal in understanding himself better.

Now embracing his newfound openness, Mraz views his life as just beginning. His latest album, "Mystical Magical Rhythmical Radical Ride," reflects this fresh outlook, with the singer excited to explore new dimensions, particularly through dance.

Jason Mraz's story is a reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and the journey to authenticity in the face of societal expectations.

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