Story — Homosexual Man Allegedly Exploited A Straight Friend

"I continued cuddling with him. I didn't have an issue doing that myself, and I just didn't want to take advantage of him. I made no sexual advances."

One year ago, Jovmash Scherzinger of Mandaue, Cebu City, came out as gay. He has a childhood friend named Jhon Loyd, whose attitude towards him didn't change upon learning that he's gay.

They live next door in the same subdivision, and Jovmash usually stays over at Jhon Loyd's house after partying.

Jhon Loyd lives alone in his apartment since he has no siblings, and his mother is working as a domestic worker in Dubai. His father, on the other hand, passed away in 2012 due to cancer.

One night, Jovmash was sleeping on the couch when he heard his friend Jhon Loyd screaming and crying from his bedroom. He immediately went into his room, thinking his friend had harmed himself.

"I knocked on the door, but Jhon Loyd didn't utter a word. He just continued crying," Jovmash told Nilatch. "So I decided to open the door and walked in."

Jovmash was startled to see Jhon Loyd sitting naked on his bed. He hesitated to walk toward him, but Jhon Loyd called his name. Jovmash had no choice but to sit on the bed next to his naked straight friend, who embraced him and wept on his shoulder.

He asked what was wrong, and Jhon Loyd explained that his girlfriend Jonah had died. She was admitted to a hospital after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

"I comforted Jhon Loyd and he requested that I remain in bed with him that night so he wouldn't feel alone," Jovmash recalled. "I got under the covers, and he began crying and hugging me."

"I wasn't attempting to feel anything, but the way he cuddled me had all his intimate parts making contact with my body," he added. "I continued cuddling with him. I didn't have an issue doing that myself, and I just didn't want to take advantage of him. I made no sexual advances."

Jhon Loyd finally stopped crying and then fell asleep in his arms. Jovmash wasn't sure if he should stay or leave the bed out of respect for his friend.

Jovmash had preferred to stay, but he just decided to sleep on the floor. At the time, Jovmash thought Jhon Loyd might get upset if he left since he requested him to stay.

The next day, Jhon Loyd repeatedly apologized for his conduct. He was sorry for crossing a line, and for being a mess.

"He was embarrassed," Jovmash explained. "I told him he has nothing to be sorry for."

A few days later, another friend of Jhon Loyd, named Albert, texted Jovmash, claiming that he took advantage of Jhon Loyd's vulnerability by cuddling with him while he was naked. Albert went so far as to accuse him of humiliating Jhon Loyd.

Jovmash then asked Jhon Loyd if he was upset about him cuddling with him while he was naked. The latter explained that he was just embarrassed.

Although he admitted that his friend is a "hot guy," Jovmash said he will never take advantage of him. Now, he is wondering if he did something wrong.

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