Story — Homosexual Man Allegedly Exploited A Straight Friend

"I wasn't trying to feel anything, but the way he cuddled me had all his intimate parts making contact with my body."

One year ago, Jovmash Scherzinger, a resident of Mandaue, Cebu City, publicly announced that he was gay.

Despite this revelation, his childhood friend Jhon Loyd remained unchanged in his attitude towards Jovmash.

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Jovmash and Jhon Loyd are neighbors, residing in the same subdivision, and Jovmash often spends the night at Jhon Loyd's apartment after a night of partying.

Jhon Loyd lives by himself, as he has no siblings and his mother is employed as a domestic worker in Dubai. Unfortunately, Jhon Loyd's father passed away from cancer in 2012.

One night, Jovmash was sleeping on the couch when he heard his friend, John Lloyd, screaming and crying from his bedroom. He immediately went into the room, thinking that his friend had harmed himself.

"I knocked on the door, but John Lloyd didn't say a word. He just kept crying," Jovmash told Nilatch.Com. "So I decided to open the door and walk in."

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Jovmash was surprised to see John Lloyd sitting naked on his bed. He hesitated to approach him, but John Lloyd called his name.

Jovmash had no choice but to sit on the bed next to his naked, straight friend, who hugged him and cried on his shoulder.

He asked what was wrong, and John Lloyd explained that his girlfriend had died. She was admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the novel coronavirus.

"I comforted John Lloyd and he requested that I stay in bed with him that night so he wouldn't feel alone," Jovmash recalled. "I got under the covers, and he started crying and hugging me."

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"I wasn't trying to feel anything, but the way he cuddled me had all his intimate parts making contact with my body," he added. "I continued cuddling with him. I had no issue doing that, and I just didn't want to take advantage of him. I made no sexual advances."

John Lloyd finally stopped crying and then fell asleep in his arms. Jovmash wasn't sure if he should stay or leave the bed out of respect for his friend.

Jovmash preferred to stay, but he ultimately decided to sleep on the floor. At the time, Jovmash thought that John Lloyd might get upset if he left, since he had requested him to stay.

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The next day, John Lloyd repeatedly apologized for his behavior. He was sorry for crossing a line and for being a mess.

"He was embarrassed," Jovmash explained. "I told him he has nothing to be sorry for."

A few days later, another friend of John Lloyd, named Axel, who is also gay, texted Jovmash, claiming that Jovmash took advantage of John Lloyd's vulnerability by cuddling with him while he was naked. Axel accused Jovmash of humiliating John Lloyd.

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Jovmash then asked John Lloyd if he was upset about the cuddling incident. John Lloyd explained that he was just embarrassed.

Jovmash, while acknowledging that his friend is indeed an attractive individual, stated that he would never exploit that fact.

He is now in a state of contemplation, questioning whether his actions have been unethical in some way.

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It is possible that Jovmash feels guilty for having these thoughts and is searching for a way to reconcile his moral beliefs with his physical attraction to his friend.

This internal conflict may have led him to question his actions and whether he has crossed any boundaries in his friendship.

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