Story — Transgender Finds Out her Best Friend Betrayed her

"Dating your best friend's ex that she still loves is a betrayal."

For three years, Ericka Ramirez and Carl Vincent were a couple, but their relationship came to an end just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Despite their break-up, Ericka, a 25-year-old transgender from Consolacion, Cebu, still had feelings for Carl. Her best friend Yumi, who was also a transgender, was aware of this.

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However, a few months ago, Ericka noticed that Yumi was becoming distant, which was uncharacteristic of her since she always relied on Ericka for support.

"To be honest, Yumi didn't do much for me, but then I truly didn't mind and didn't care what I did for her," Ericka told Nilatch.Com. "She was my best friend, and I love her very much. We're like sisters."

The reason for Yumi's distance soon became clear. Yumi confided in Ericka that she was quarantining with Carl Vincent and they had started a relationship.

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"Whatever hopes I had of getting back to my ex are crushed because I don't think I can get over him hooking up with my best friend," said a heartbroken Ericka.

Ericka understood that people are not possessions, but she couldn't help but feel betrayed by her best friend. "Dating your best friend's ex that she still loves is a betrayal," she stated.

Yumi asked Ericka if she was happy for her, but Ericka couldn't bring herself to say yes. "When I say I'm happy for somebody, I want to mean it, and honestly, I'm not happy for Yumi. I can't make myself to be," Ericka said.

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She told Yumi not to contact her again, but later realized that she may have been too harsh. "My dad advised me that I should've just kept this to myself since I know my best friend is a sensitive person," she explained. "In any case, shouldn't something be said about me? Am I given a sensitivity pass because I've cared for Yumi for such a long time?"

Ericka was now faced with a dilemma, whether to forgive Yumi or not. She didn't know what to do, but one thing was for sure, their friendship had been affected by the situation.

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