Story — Transgender Finds Out her Best Friend Betrayed her

Even though she knows that you don't own people, this didn't stop Ericka from being upset about her best friend's betrayal. 

For three years, Ericka Ramirez dated her boyfriend Carl Vincent. However, the couple called it quits a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ericka, a 25-year-old transgender from Consolacion, Cebu, is madly in love, and she's still not over him. Her best friend Yumi, who is also a transgender, knows about it.

A few months ago, Ericka noticed that Yumi began getting distant from her, which is very unusual since she always needs her.

Ericka helped Yumi with almost everything, including picking colleges, donating money to her college fund, and building her resumé. She even paid for many of Yumi's activities and trips.

"To be honest, Yumi didn't do much for me, but then I truly didn't mind and didn't care what I did for her," Ericka told Nilatch. "She was my best friend, and I love her very much. We're like sisters."

Yumi told her last month that the reason she's so distant is that she is quarantining with Carl Vincent, and they already have a relationship.

"Whatever hopes I had of getting back to my ex are crushed because I don't think I can get over him hooking up with my best friend," said Ericka.

Even though she knows that you don't own people, this didn't stop Ericka from being upset about her best friend's betrayal. For Ericka, dating your best friend's ex that she still loves is a betrayal.

"Yumi asked me if I was glad for her because she finally got a good job and a nice boyfriend," she said. "That job she has is only because of me. I begged an old acquaintance to hire her."

Ericka knows that people are hurt at times, then they say they are truly happy for them, but she assumes they do not really mean it that way.

"When I say I'm happy for somebody, I want to mean it, and honestly, I'm not happy for Yumi. I can't make myself to be," she said.

Ericka, who is currently working as a call center agent, told her as such. She also told Yumi not to contact her again.

"She's so hurt by what I said to her," Ericka explained. "My dad advised me that I should've just kept this to myself since I know my best friend is a sensitive person."

"In any case, shouldn't something be said about me? Am I given a sensitivity pass because I've cared for Yumi for such a long time?"

At this point, Ericka doesn't know what she should do, whether to forgive Yumi or not.

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