Viral Vacation Photo of Andrew Garfield Sparks Online Speculation About His Sexuality

Credit: @andrewgarfieldoffecialy/Instagram

Andrew Garfield's vacation photo caused a big stir on the internet. People started searching online to find out if he's gay or bisexual.

The actor was on a yacht with his friends in Positano, Italy, having a great time in the sea. There's a picture where a friend is helping him put sunscreen on his back, which is not easy to do alone.

This picture led to searches about his sexuality becoming popular and the photo itself became widely shared with funny memes and hints about his sexuality.

Credit: PopBase/Twitter

However, the picture doesn't actually tell us about Andrew Garfield's sexuality. Back in 2018, he talked about it in an interview with Out magazine.

He said he sees sexuality as something that can change and be flexible. But he made it clear that he considers himself straight.

He explained that he's open to different feelings and impulses, and if he had to pick a label, it would be heterosexual.

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