Video of Lawyer Struggling with Zoom Filters During Virtual Hearing Goes Viral

This 42-second video clip has already been viewed nearly ten million times.

Credit: Courtesy of 394thDistrictCourtofTexasLiveStream/YouTube

During a recent court hearing, a Texas attorney, Rod Ponton, got himself into a comical mess when he couldn't figure out how to turn off a cat filter on his Zoom video.

A video posted by Texas' 394th Judicial District Court portrayed Ponton, 69, as being invisible behind a cat filter as he spoke to the camera. He moved his eyes and mouth while speaking.

"Can you hear me judge?" Ponton asked. To which Judge Ferguson replied, "I can hear you. I think it's a filter."

Credit: Courtesy of 394thDistrictCourtofTexasLiveStream/YouTube

As Ponton continues to struggle with the app, Cat flits its eyes across the screen in panic. The lawyer said he had no idea how to remove the cat filter, and that his assistant had tried to remove it, as well.

Ponton confirmed his presence to the judge, then explained he's not a cat. He said he's willing to go ahead regardless. The 42-second clip has already been viewed nearly ten million times.

Watch the video below:

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