Meet the Man Behind Tom Cruise Deepfake Videos on TikTok

The deepfakes for Tom Cruise may have their origin in Fisher's parody of the "Mission: Impossible" star in the 2008 comedy film "Superhero Movie."

Credit: Courtesy of Tom Cruise/Instagram

Recently, an impersonator of Tom Cruise went viral when he performed a magic trick on TikTok. Who is exactly this person?

It is Miles Fisher and his visual effects artist who deserve credit for the high-quality Tom Cruise deepfake videos circulating on TikTok.

Fisher, 37, who was born in Dallas and attended Harvard University, is an actor who has starred in the 1997 CBS adaptation of the book "True Women" as well as in the 2000 film "Lone Star Struck."

Credit: Courtesy of Miles Fisher/Instagram

During the International Teen Movie Festival in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada in 2001, he was chosen as Best Actor for his role in the short film "Head Shot."

An article published in Newsday in 2001 praised Fisher, and this furthered his career. He appeared in the 2003 "Civil War" film, starring Robert Duvall, as a member of the First Virginia Volunteer Regiment.

On the television series "The Cleaner" on A&E Network, Fisher had a recurring role as a rookie police officer in 2008. He appeared in "Gossip Girl" in 2009. Fisher portrayed a character's friend in "Mad Men."


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The deepfakes for Tom Cruise may have their origin in Fisher's parody of the "Mission: Impossible" star in the 2008 comedy film "Superhero Movie"

In real life, Fisher resembles Cruise very closely, so he partnered with visual effects artist Christopher Ume, utilizing deepfake technology to produce seemingly realistic videos.

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