Ciara Shows Off Toned Body in a Bikini Photoshoot

Keeping up with her fitness has been a priority for Ciara, as she has shown on Instagram.

Recently, the singer revealed some brand new pictures and a video of her super-fit body.

Ciara poses for the camera in a strappy, high-waisted leopard bikini, accessorized with a gold necklace.

Credit: Courtesy of Ciara/Instagram

Every photo of her shows how sculpted her abs and booty are. Additionally, at the end of this post, she shows off both her incredible dance moves and her mighty muscles.

Ciara captioned the pictures with "Sunshine + Good Vibes." Her fans were unable to get enough of her. Their praises for the singer were endless.

Ciara has been working on improving her fitness routine recently. In an interview with People, she said, "I used to spot train a lot. I used to train for the occasion like if I had to do a video, or if I had to get ready for tour, I would get ready for those moments, but it wasn't as much of a daily thing for me."

Her mindset concerning exercising and her body have changed since she started working out with trainer Decker Davis.

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