Christina Aguilera Shares Details on Upcoming Album Release Date

Does Christina Aguilera's Spanish album come out anytime soon? Here are the details on the release date.

Fans are begging Christina Aguilera for a new album, and she will finally deliver three years after releasing "Liberation."

While in Miami in February of 2021, the singer worked on her album and returned with a project that celebrates her Hispanic heritage.

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Credit: Christina Aguilera/Instagram

The artist released her first Spanish album, "Mi Reflejo," in 2000, and albeit it was a smash hit, she said she was coming from "a deeper and more experienced place" in her upcoming new record.

"The pandemic kind of slowed things down last year," Christina told Distractify. "But I'm so happy to be releasing it this year."

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The Grammy winner also noted that they had so much material in that month that they decided to release it in stages.

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