Bretman Rock Becomes First Openly Gay Man to Cover Playboy

Credit: Bretman Rock/Instagram

Breaking barriers is nothing new for 23-year-old influencer Bretman Rock!

In his most recent appearance on the cover of Playboy's digital magazine, Bretman became the first openly gay male to don the complete bunny suit for the cover.

The social media star, who shot to stardom as a creator on YouTube and Vine, posed fiercely while wearing the iconic Playboy bunny outfit.

Bretman wasn't the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy, but he was the first to identify himself openly as part of the LGBTQ community and the first to wear a full suit.

Previously, the magazine featured Bad Bunny on the cover, as well as Ezra Miller wearing bunny ears.

Bretman said that just having a male on Playboy's cover is a great achievement for the LGBT community, and it's particularly meaningful for his "brown people community."

"Like 'is this even f---ing happening right now?' type of vibe," he added. "And I'm so pretty. So yeah, everything happens for a reason and it proves that I'm a big ass witch. Weird flex but okay."

It was Bretman's dream to grace the cover of the men's lifestyle magazine, but he wasn't sure if it would be possible, he admitted.

Bretman also showcased the historical cover on Twitter. He tweeted, "I'm a @playboy bunny 🐰 DUHHHHHH."

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Born in the Philippines, Bretman is known for his humorous take on life and for video tutorials related to makeup.

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