Adam Lambert Says LGBTQ+ talent Won’t Require ‘Straight Saviors’

He noted that now is a time when queer creatives should receive some attention.

Credit: Courtesy of Adam Lambert/Instagram

Adam Lambert, who became a star in 2009 after placing second on the eighth season of “American Idol,” recently discussed how he got started in music over a decade ago.

In addition to being featured on the cover of “Gay Times' AMPLIFY!,” Adam has also said that the newly emerging generation of LGBTQ talent “don't need straight saviors.”

“I wanted to connect with other queer people in the music industry because I know that when I started 10 years ago, it was sort of like the Wild West for me,” Adam said.

He added, “There weren't a lot of us on the mainstream level. It was an obstacle course. I didn't have that many examples of how to go about things, and it was quite an adventure.

“Ten years later I can see there's been so much progress, and there's so many more queer artists out there right now. We're now allowed in that space.”

Adam also discussed the outstanding LGBTQ+ talent on display today in the entertainment sphere.

The singer said: “There's so much talent! And it's a really diverse array of talent too – across genres, philosophies, it's a really exciting time. But I also think it's across the board in the entertainment industry. We're seeing a lot more queer actors come through.”

In Adam's view, the LGBTQ+ community is now in a time where they no longer have to ask permission to be heard. He noted that now is a time when queer creatives should receive some attention.

The singer went on to say he also feels that more and more we're able to stand on their own two feet and that he thinks that's really important to note.

“We don't need the straight saviors to come in and save us! We're good and we're doing really well,” Adam said.

With more than three million albums and five million singles sold since 2009, Adam has achieved a global following.

Besides his solo career, Adam has been working with the rock band Queen as lead vocalist for Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011.

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