Mariah Carey's New Christmas Song - 'Fall In Love at Christmas'

The song is supposed to be about meeting up with a loved one during the Christmas season
Credit: Mariah Carey/Instagram

Originally found on her first Christmas album, 1994's "Merry Christmas," Mariah Carey's hit "All I Want for Christmas Is You" has become a classic, breaking record after record since its release.

Having experienced such a tidal wave of success, Mariah fans have been looking forward to a stellar follow-up. And this year might prove to be the year.

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The singer recently announced something special was in store on November 5 after smashing a pumpkin with a candy cane bat while wearing a glittery red dress.

The iconic artist's new Christmas single is titled "Fall in Love at Christmas," and it will feature R&B singer Khalid, along with gospel star Kirk Franklin.

Mariah posted on Twitter just after midnight on November 2 a tease for "Fall in Love at Christmas," and her two male collaborators retweeted her tweet.

The video clip promises Khalid and Franklin will be joining Mariah; it includes childhood photos of each of them. Mariah sings in a way that only she can.

The song is supposed to be about meeting up with a loved one during the Christmas season. Falling in love again during the holidays is bound to resonate with many. Meanwhile, Mariah's love of the Christmas season makes it unsurprising that she would release something new this season.

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