Video of Sam Smith & Pals Cursing a Fan Goes Viral

Sam is a Grammy and Oscar award-winning musician who identifies as non-binary

Credit: Sam Smith/Instagram

A video of Sam Smith and their friends cursing a female fan in London has been making the rounds on the internet.

Posted on TikTok, the clip shows Sam's entourage yelling out to a girl on Oxford Street after she says hello to the British singer.

While she ran behind the group, the female fan says, "I love you, Sam Smith." Suddenly, a friend of Sam appears in front of the camera and says, "Shut the **** up, dumb ****."

Credit: Sam Smith/Instagram

In shock over the extreme reaction, the fan films herself saying: "What the actual ****? Just wanted to say hi."

On another clip, which has amassed over millions of views, an individual tells the fan to shut up. To which she replies, "Don't tell me to shut up, I love you Sam Smith."

Sam is a Grammy and Oscar award-winning musician who identifies as non-binary.

While the star came out as gay at ten, they said it wasn't until they met non-binary people that they began to understand themselves.

Meanwhile, check out the video here!

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