Chris Brown Responds To The Lawsuit Concerning Song 'No Guidance'

There are new details regarding the lawsuit Chris Brown and Drake are facing as a result of their collaboration, "No Guidance."

Credit: Chris Brown/Instagram

Chris' team has responded to Braindon Cooper's lawsuit alleging copyright infringement. The new filing from his attorney, James G. Sammataro, reads:

"This is not a close call. Posting a song on the Internet — such that the song is 1 out of 82 million songs on Spotify or posted by one of Instagram’s 1 billion users — and a one-time public performance do not constitute widespread dissemination as a matter of law.

"Plaintiffs’ allegation that Mic Tee suggested that Cooper travel to Toronto, Drake’s ‘original hometown,’ is insufficient to permit an inference of access. By plaintiffs’ own account, Drake has resided in California since 2014. In any event, there is no allegation that Cooper went to Toronto, and it is implausible to assume that every musician in Toronto collaborates and shares music with Drake."

The new filing further requests dismissal of the entire case with prejudice as well.

Chris and Drake, according to Braindon, ripped off his song "I Love your Dress" for the hook of "No Guidance."

Chris featured the song on his "Indigo" album, and it became a top 5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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