Alleged Video Of Zendaya Fighting A Woman Goes Viral

Meanwhile, there have been no comments from Zendaya regarding the video.
Credit: Zendaya/Instagram

Many believe that Zendaya was involved in a physical altercation between two women after seeing a video that was shared on social media.

Twitter users were having a field day recently with the viral video and expressing their absolute disbelief at the fight.

Two women are seen fighting on the clip, leading some Zendaya fans to wonder if she was one of the women. One woman is seen lying on the ground covering her head while the other continues to beat her.

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Credit: Zendaya/Instagram

Zendaya looks similar to the woman on the ground. The video ends with one woman being kicked by the other and then she is thrown against a wall, hitting her head.

Although she looks strikingly like one of the women in the video, the actress was not actually involved.

Credit: Zendaya/Instagram

A doppelgänger is likely to be responsible for the person crumpled on the ground, according to reports.

Also, the woman in the video appears to have different hair length from Zendaya, who has been spotted with a shoulder-length cut recently.
 Meanwhile, there have been no comments from the star regarding the video.

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